Efudix (5FU, 5 Fluorouacil) Cream & Solaraze Gel

This is a great treatment for actinic keratoses and for some Bowens disease (IEC)
because it has a very high clearance rate

However, it does to be use with care and by those with some experience. The treatment does cause a vigorous inflammatory reaction which can look alarming.
On lower legs it can produce ulceration and slow healing wounds, so it does need to be used with care

I treated BBC Radio Nottingham presenter John Holmes with Efudix for his solar keratoses. John took a photo of his treatment daily and has posted a record of his treatment on the BBC website. You may find this useful if you are planning starting a patient on Efudix or if you are a patient who has been given Efudix.

Click here for Efudix Treatment images 1

Click here for Efudix Treatment images 2

Click here for Efudix Treatment images 3

The treatment for John’s SK by 5fu has been published in a journal
Varma S. Treating actinic keratoses with Efudix® cream.
Dermatology In Practice, Volume 15, Number 2.

For more information Efudix

The drug company produced an educational resource when centred around John’s treatment.

Solaraze gel

An alternative to Efudix is Solaraze gel. I also use this for SK and have about 7-8 years experience with it. This drug works well for SK clearing over 75% of SK in several clinical trails (refs). It produces much les inflammation and may be more cosmetically acceptable to use.

Other topical alternatives to Efudix or Solaraze include Picato, Aldara, Zyclara, Aktikerall.

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