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Did Sunburn aged 10 lead to cancer

Nottinghamshire Today June 2014 page 26

City Life 2014 Issue 42 p 68
10 top tips: Sun and Skin care

Nottingham Evening post. Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

After ask the expert Acne - Daily Telegraph

After ask the expert Itchy Skin - Daily Telegraph

After ask the expert Hot flushes- Daily Telegraph

Nottingham Nurse Surgery Course 17-18 September 2009
Featured on East Midlands today – Nurse surgery course 21.9.09 and The Guardian Newspaper

Daily Telegraph – tattoos letter 21 July 2008

Daily Telegraph – Bloke in Chip Shop saved my sight

John reunited with his chip shop saviour – thanks to the Post
Thursday, March 05, 2009

Trip to chippy saves man's sight
Tuesday, March 03, 2009, 17:36

BBC Local east Midlands iplayer link iplayer link - Link 2

NUH dermatologist screens England cricketers for skin cancer

New equipment to benefit skin cancer patients

A free talk on the early detection and treatment of skin cancers is being held

NUH Chief Executive Report April 09

Skin cancer checks for the Notts Stars
Football post - 3 May 08

Skin cancer: An old Soldier’s new fight with a WW2 enemy
Evening post - 24 May 08

Dr.Varma screens members of the Nottinghamshire County Cricket squad at Trent Bridge prior to the start of the 2007 season
FHP Magazine Issue 28 July/ August 2007

Golf Monthly - July 2007.
Golfers experience, over the years, enormous amount of sun exposure. There are dangers of over exposure and I advise on preventative measures

30.09.05 Interview on BBC Radio Nottingham
8.11.05 Interview on BBC Radio Nottingham
21.12.05 Interview on BBC Radio Nottingham – in the studio
10.05.06 Interview on BBC Radio Nottingham – in the studio
Date Excision BCC on John Holmes– interview whilst performing surgery
21.2.07 Sunbeds


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